Stuck in the past. Favourite thing of mine. And you. Maybe?   I don’t get it. Why being stuck in the past is such a bad thing? People are so disguise by it and shame to admit it that they are, in fact STILL living in the past, just the way things used to be. … More Reminisce

Busy, busy World

If for a second you thought that living with your parents makes you look like a coward even when you’re already 19, well my friend, think again. World out there is cruel. Very. They will be bump on your shoulders and every time even harder until you fall but never help you up. In fact, … More Busy, busy World

Hey Clark.

Hi  Again. Today, I finished reading a book by Jojo Moyes’  Me Before You. Oh God, the book was INCREDIBLE.  The book taught me many things about how to do with my life if life ever messed up. Big time. If you ever having a very bad day, well think again. At least you don’t … More Hey Clark.

Last Month.

Hi December. The last month of the year. How are you doing?  You good?  You okay? I’m wondering, what it feels like to be the ‘goodbye’ month. Do you like it? Being the last option out of all month? I mean, surely everyone does it a lot to you. They are like… ” No, that’s okay. We … More Last Month.