Stuck in the past.

Favourite thing of mine. And you.




I don’t get it. Why being stuck in the past is such a bad thing? People are so disguise by it and shame to admit it that they are, in fact STILL living in the past, just the way things used to be. I mean, not everybody in this world is fascinating by the idea of  “move on”, are we?

For a lover or a person who recently broke up with their partner, I feel you. Fucking feel you, mate.  Sometimes, it’s not because you cannot move on and find someone else. Sometimes, it is because you are so comfortable living in your past than the present. Maybe the present is giving you one heck of life right now, that you wish things were different and you get some heads up in the past.

That’s when you start reminiscing the past and creating millions of scenarios up in your brain of what you will be now if you take the different path in your life and then questioning all the decision that you have made all this while.

For me, living in the past is not a bad thing as many people always thought. Instead, it keeps you grounded even more than others. Because you always attached with this old-rusty-melancholic-memories that makes you appreciate time and people more.  I always reminiscing my past before I go to sleep at night. It helps me in a way to sleep better and stop worrying of what tomorrow would hold for me or forget that I had a ridiculously bad day earlier.

Just do your thing that makes you happy. Don’t be bothered by anyone, they are gonna talk shit about you anyway, so why don’t make the shit real?


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