Busy, busy World

If for a second you thought that living with your parents makes you look like a coward even when you’re already 19, well my friend, think again.

World out there is cruel. Very.


They will be bump on your shoulders and every time even harder until you fall but never help you up. In fact, they will laugh at you. At every inch of your face until you get up by yourself and proof them that you are strong.

Now, strong is a very subjective word.

It is.

What kind of strong do you want them to recognise you as?

Physically strong?
Emotionally strong?
Mentally strong?

Do you want to fight the hell out of them in the ring? Or do you want to play with their hearts until they give every cell in their body to you? Or do you want to use your dirty mouth and cursed them until they can’t think nothing but you words?

Surely some will say, “Why not kindness? We can kill them with kindness and they will be embarrassed by themselves. We can proved them that the world needs kindness not anything negative like they have showed us before. We can do it. I know we can.”

Well, honey, first of all that trick that you mentioned just now is not working. I’ve been on it for years and it never works, trust me.

Or maybe its just me, I don’t know. You tell me. You’re the expert one.

Enough with all the rants, my point here is not telling you that living with your parents is the best option either. It may be sucks as well. You cannot do whatever you what to do or throw a party anytime you want or be home like 3 in the morning without good lies.

Because as long as you’re living under their roof, you’re living with their rules.

Love and Luck.

p/s : feel free to let me know that you’re feeling the same way as me. Thanks.


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