Hey Clark.

Hi  Again.

Today, I finished reading a book by Jojo Moyes’  Me Before You.

Oh God, the book was INCREDIBLE.  The book taught me many things about how to do with my life if life ever messed up. Big time.

If you ever having a very bad day, well think again. At least you don’t have to stuck in wheelchair for a lifetime, eh? Watching other people gets on with their life but you. I have to say it.

It sucks, man.

Being only 19, I’d must say, there’s an awful lot of things I hadn’t done yet. So many secrets about life that I haven’t unfold just yet as time always be the limit.

Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.

Anyway, the sequel of ‘Me Before You’ which is ‘After You’ is already out and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I’ll stop reading for  while as my finals is approaching in a week time.

For those out there who still haven’t read the book, GO READ IT. It gives you all that goosebumps and tears and laughs and screaming. Yes, screaming. I, personally, very recommend this book to you.

Jojo Moyes, you ma’am, definitely set the bar high for any writers out there and for me to find someone like Will.

p/s : this book will be a movie in 2016! whoop whoop!


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