Last Month.

Hi December.

The last month of the year.

How are you doing?  You good?  You okay?

I’m wondering, what it feels like to be the ‘goodbye’ month. Do you like it?

Being the last option out of all month? I mean, surely everyone does it a lot to you. They are like…

” No, that’s okay. We still have December, don’t we? We can get it done.”

And I guess, you don’t have any choices or chances to voice out your own thought, do you? So you can’t really feel the pain.

Not like human, who can voice out their own thought but still can’t be heard.

It hurts, does really really hurts.

But look at the bright side of it, you get all the happy festive feelings all around!

Even though you’re the last, you always been everyone’s favourite.

So, I reckon, being the last option doesn’t matter anymore as long as you get the fire inside you that can melt everyone down.



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